In addition to finding stories and photos that represent Scotland in the best light, we occasionally make short features that tell great tales or demonstrate fantastic visits.


Hermitage Castle in the Scottish borders is one of the great historic sites to see. The giant walls and intimidating nature of this great castle is one of the border’s historic treats.

Featuring a charming story, incredible architecture, and phenominal scale, The Great Map Of Scotland is a fantastic stop-off visit well worth taking.

One of the countries most visited mountains, Ben Lomond is a half-day hike to get high above the nature park and enjoy the fantastic sights the southern highlands have to offer.


Tantallon Castle, East Lothian. A formidable curtain-wall castle that dominates the landscape. Offering spectacular views across the Bass Rock and all the way over into Fife. An excellent visit that takes you up to the heights of its towers and down to the depth of its dungeons. A spectacular castle with an incredible story.